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4Ks is a Service that is user friendly to assist individuals of any age to Pre-Plan for their End-of-Life.   Will you take a moment and think about those who are left behind? After your eyes are closed for the last time your loved ones and friends will feel a sense of some comfort knowing they aren't making hasty and costly decisions because you have documented your desires. 

A Lifetime of information in this quick read book. 

It' Not About Me, It's About Them is an easy read book of 34 pages that provides a lifetime of information with a personal touch.

Are you uncomfortable thinking about the subject of death? We are all going to die one day and that's a reality.

INAMIAT enables you to discuss this sensitive subject with comfort and provides answers to questions you never thought to ask. 

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Reading INAMIAT  at a local event. 

A reader was inspired by the book. 

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Four Ks Services is a professional End-of-Life Full Service Planning Partnership for you, your family and friends.

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