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Hello, I'm Lynette Booker, the founder and owner of Kompassionate Komfort Karing Konnector (4Ks Services) and also the author of the book "It's Not About Me, It's About Them" . 

Death is never an easy subject to discuss before, during, or when it happens. My intentions is to help you, your loved ones and friends not only think about the inevitable but be pro active and plan for the End-of-Life.

When death occurs reactions and emotions often override  tasks and details that need to be handled. By pre-planing with 4Ks being overwhelmed is minimized.  Additionally, family and friends will not be grieved with documents at such a delicate time after death. 

Contact me, Lynette Booker, and allow me to help you with End of Life planning for the people who will be left behind to handle your precious remains. 

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Four Ks Services is a professional End-of-Life Full Service Planning Partnership for you, your family and friends.

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